Meet the Team




I love seeing smiling faces coming through our doors and greeting patients as they arrive. Each person is so excited to share their latest news and show us how well their new smile is doing! I’m our receptionist, so I’ll be the person you speak to when you call, and I’ll check you in for your visit. I’m here to make sure each visit goes smoothly and I am always glad to help.

When I go home at night, it’s to my wonderful family, including my son and daughter. Being with them is the highlight of my evening!


Financial Supervisor

It’s a pleasure to help our patients and their families find financial terms that work with their budget. Dr. Siddiqui and our team understand how important orthodontic treatment is, and the difference a healthy smile makes for our patients. So we will help you make the most of your insurance, and set up a payment arrangement that’s affordable. I’m always glad to answer financial questions!

My home life is family-focused. I live in New Boston, with my husband Robert and our daughter Tara. I love camping, and being with friends and family.



Orthodontic Assistant

I love spending my days helping people with their smiles! Seeing each person’s excitement over starting care, and then watching them blossom as they see their new smile develop, is rewarding. I assist Dr. Siddiqui as he cares for patients, and make sure he has everything he needs. At the same time, I’m talking with the patient about what’s going on and what we’re doing.

I currently live in Taylor with my husband and stepson. Outside of work, I’m a major sports fan. My favorite team is the Detroit Tigers. Time with family and friends is very important to me.


Orthodontic Assistant

I love healthy smiles and the confidence they bring our patients. Watching a person’s whole life change as they see their smile change, is amazing. No matter what their age, that person is happier and they laugh and smile a lot more often. Being part of that process makes me smile. I provide chairside assistance to Dr. Siddiqui and our patients during their visits. I make sure the patient is comfortable and understands what we’re doing.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and playing with my Yorkie, Kiwi.


Orthodontic Assistant

I have only been a part of Siddiqui Orthodontics team for a short period of time, but already I feel like a key part of the this office and the amazing work we do. 

When I'm not working, I enjoy being at home with my husband and my son.